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 READ FIRST==UPDATED AS OF 8/23/2012==Forum Rules

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PostSubject: READ FIRST==UPDATED AS OF 8/23/2012==Forum Rules   Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:29 am

General Rules apply here.
1.Respect the thread bumping rule, one bump every 24 hours only, note that you can't bump someone else's thread if it hasn't been 24 hours since his/her last bump.
2.You can only sell virtual products.
3.Selling all kinds of accounts is not allowed.
4.Don't hijack people's threads. Hijacking is putting information that might ruin or lower the chances of a member from making a sale, like posting opinions about how "bad" his product is, trying to plug in your 5.own thread or claiming that what he's selling is illegal/suspicious without proof.
6.Sales must be done on board, you cannot redirect to another store/website.
7.You can have a maximum of 3 active threads, if you surpass this limit, your other threads will be locked.
8.You must own or have resale rights to what you are selling.
9.You cannot sell illegal/shady/suspicious products.
10.You may not ask members to contact you outside of EES to conduct a sale, use Private Messages.
11.You cannot accept private bids if you are running an auction, bidders must publicly post them.
12.Selling traffic to generate ad revenue ( for adsense, or any other ad agency ) is not allowed.
13.Selling referrals is not allowed.
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READ FIRST==UPDATED AS OF 8/23/2012==Forum Rules
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