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PostSubject: IRANIAN CARPETS -    Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:02 am

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Quote :
Hand-made rugs for centuries have been considered a sign of the house owner's wealth, with the longer knots showing the higher position in the society. Rugs add to creating the first impression of the house as soon as a guest is shown into. Rugs are to be made by hand - only handcrafting lets to weave a rug fitting perfectly the client's requirements and personality. A rug can bear the images of the historical scenes, religious events, wild animals. A wall rug can server as the lord's portrait. Weaving a rug is a long process requiring hundreds of hours of female workmanship an can take up to six months to complete a masterpiece. The process starts with the selection of raw materials (silk, wool, cotton), organic dyes. Persian rugs used to be a signature attribute to luxury and exquisite taste of owners of premium dwellings. Persian rugs served as gifts to governors and kings in sign of respect, honour, to present the compliments. Since waiving the Western-driven sanctions in 2015, Persian rug producers finally had a chance to sigh with relief. Rugs, previously considered items of luxury thus being forbidden for export in line with sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran, once again are made available for exporting to other countries where the quench for ultimate weavers' artwork seems to have never ceased. puts up for sale hand-woven rugs and carpets designed exclusively with unique patterns. Each item is woven by unmarried daughters of only two Persian families, Aiwi-Xvarenah and Nekchehr, closely guarding the secrets of their craftsmanship and unique skills since XIII century. Production, dyeing, weaving and trimming facilities are located in Qom province. The secrets are the heritage of female halves of the respective families; men do not have access to ancestors' knowledge. Not a man could gain access to facility where rug weaving was in progress. Centuries ago the breach of this law resulted in public decapitation no matter how noble the trespasser was. On average the process of creating a rug from selecting the raw materials to trimming and packing last about two weeks, occasionally taking up to six months depending on complexity of design, and surface area. As the expansion of production capacities is not yet available through traditional credit institutions because of the consequences of aforementioned sanctions, is open to accepting short-term deposits from private investors worldwide. Easier credit funding lets us increase the turnover, lower the running costs, thus providing a higher margin on investments. Our centuries-rich experience in rug-weaving sets a firm guarantee ensuring the satisfaction of private investors. - capital weavers.

Investment plans:

$15 - $200 1,4% daily for 5 days 107%
$201 - $600 1,64% daily for 5 days 108,2%
$601 - $15000 1,84% daily for 5 days 109,2%

$10 - $100 1,55% daily for 10 days 115,5%
$101 - $500 1,7% daily for 10 days 117%
$501 - $15000 1,88% daily for 10 days 118,8%

$25 - $250 111,5% after 7 days 111,5%

$10 - $100 6,26% daily for 21 days 131,46%
$101 - $660 6,66% daily for 21 days 139,86%
$661 - $19000 6,96% daily for 21 days 146,16%

$70 - $700 0,55% per hour for 216 hours 118,8% (Will be avaliable on 8th april)

$50 - $1500 0,77% per hour for 144 hours 109,34% (Will be avaliable on 30th april)

Our deposit:

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Maximal deposit: 19000$
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PostSubject: Re: IRANIAN CARPETS -    Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:55 am

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PostSubject: Re: IRANIAN CARPETS -    Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:44 pm

Проект не платит!!!
СТОП! Не вкладывать!

Program is SCAM!!!
STOP! Do not invest here!

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PostSubject: Re: IRANIAN CARPETS -    

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